Glyco ChemBioTech Pvt. Ltd.

Near Plot No. G-5, Aai Mata Chowk, 

Bohonoli Village  Road,  Addl. Ambernath MIDC, 

Ambernath East-421506, INDIA

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Glyco chembiotech service

GlycoChemBioTech serves Pharma, Chemical industries, research Institutes and University in the following area.​​​

  • API Impurities & reference standards synthesis

  • Custom Synthesis & Manufacturing

  • Small scale API synthesis

  • Organic synthesis & scale-up

  • Small Peptide synthesis

  • Carbohydrate synthesis

  • Route & method development, optimization

  • Pre GMP process development

  • Conjugation chemistry

​​Medicinal Chemistry:

  • Synthesis of diverse library of small molecule compounds for screening against your targets.

  • Design and synthesis plan for your hit compounds.

  • Design and synthesize a custom library for lead identification and lead optimization .

  • Synthesis of Organic scaffolds.

  • Synthesis of pro-drug and new chemical entities.


Custom Synthesis:

     With our expertise in organic, carbohydrate chemistry and method development.

  • We provide custom synthesis solutions for intermediates, reference or lead compounds.

  • Exercise on an existing synthesis or design a new synthesis plan.

  • We welcome projects which utilize our experience and expertise in organic and carbohydrate synthesis.


Process Research and Development:

  • Route design and optimization.

  • Process optimization and scale up to kg scale.

  • Large scale synthesis and purification.

  • Undertake projects for process research, scale up and technology.